I’m a farmer – why a WINE bottle is the secret to a perfect garden

A FARMER has revealed that the perfect way to make sure your plants are always watered is by using a wine bottle.

And no, it doesn't mean you dump actual alcohol in the soil.

Taking to social media, urban farmer Kristina Robbins, who has been growing her food for the last 10 years, shared the secret to conserving water and keeping your plants hydrated at all times.

In her video, she explained that when you have a smaller pot of plants that you don't always want to be checking to see if they're hydrated, you can simply use a bottle of wine.

"What you'll do is use a terracotta spike, put the spike into the pot, and then use a clear bottle," she explained.

"Then fill the bottle with water, tip that in, and now when the soil has absorbed all the moisture and water from that bottle, you just refill that bottle and tip it back in."

Along with her video, she explained that a bottle will last her for over a week during the hotter months.

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Following her genius advice, many rushed to the comments to say they wanted to try the hack.

However, a few people had some questions that she quickly answered.

When one person questioned if this method could be used for indoor house plants, she revealed that "it's especially good for when you're out of town."

Additionally, she also told a second follower that she's never had any issue with the water getting too hot for her plants, despite living in sunny California.

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In another comment, she explained that the spikes are super important for this method to work because they let the water be absorbed slowly rather than all at once.

Previously, another gardening expert revealed that the proper way to water your seedlings is by putting them inside a container.

"You can't water them like a houseplant and you can't keep spritzing them like you had before because they will mold," she said.

"Don't water them from the top and wait for the water to drip through."

The water will only pool at the top and won't penetrate down to the soil in the middle and the bottom where you want the roots to grow.

"This is why we soak from the bottom every time," she explained.

To soak from the bottom, you'll have to pop out the mini pots where the seedlings are sprouting and add water to the tray under them. This will let the plants absorb the water they need rather than being forced to do so.

But you also want to be careful when you have a lot of pots on one tray because you can unintentionally overwater some and leave others too dry.

To fix this, add water to the bottom of a second tray, pop the dry ones on it, wait 15 minutes and return them back to their normal home.

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Once every pot has wet soil, you'll want to empty out the rest of the water at the bottom of the tray to avoid any mold from growing on them, resulting in seedling death.

And when your seedlings have sprouted and are ready to be transferred to a bigger pot, you might want to follow a second gardener's advice.

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