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DOGS not only offer companionship to their owners, but a sense of security too.

Some people purchase a dog with the hopes that he or she will help guard their home. But, does your dog really have what it takes to prevent a burglary and protect your family from a break-in?

In his YouTube clip, professional dog training expert Garret Wing @americanstandardk9 recommends the top three breeds of dog that are sure to keep your home and your family safe. 

The English Mastiff

The English Mastiff are the world’s biggest dog breed, and they have a big bark to match.

English Mastiffs are renowned for their docile yet protective nature. They are the gentle giants, making them a perfect fit to a family that includes young children. 

The english mastiff tops the list “due to its incredible size and really deep bark and how soft and sweet natured it is with the family and the children” says dog training expert Garret Wing.

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He continues: “It has a great on-off switch. 

“99.9 per cent of the time it just wants to chill and lay about, but if the wrong person comes to the door they're going to find out real quick the business end of the English mastiff."

The South African Boerboel

If it's unwavering loyalty you’re after then the Boerboel is for you. 

The boerboel has been hailed throughout history for their courageous nature and is known for fending off large South African game like leopards and hyenas without much of a struggle.

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Garret Wing explains: “Born and bred to fight off lions and hyenas. It will have no problem fending your family from two-legged critters that try to break into your home.”

The Boerboel is a great choice for a protective dog because of their sharp instincts and ferocious loyalty. However, they can become easily bored and destructive if they don’t have an active routine. 

It’s also worth noting that the Boerboel has been banned from some countries, including Switzerland, France and Qatar for their aggression towards other dogs and strangers.

The Rottweiler 

The rottweiler is a safe choice of dog for many reasons.

They’re are highly intelligent, confident dogs who learn quickly the rules of the house. The are very affectionate members of the family, and very loyal too. 

Although they might not be the biggest dog in this list, they are one of the scariest according to the dog expert. 

Garret Wing explains: “The rottweiler is, one of America's well known pets but let me tell you, as a professional pet trainer and decoy who’s taken bites from hundreds of police canines, nothing gives me the chills more than a 130 pound Rottweiler barking at me from behind the fence line.

"I always pray there’s no hole in the fence," he jokes.

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