I'm a dog trainer and there are three breeds that are often too much to handle – people are fooled by their small size | The Sun

BEFORE becoming a dog owner, it's super important to do your research first.

But if you're still none-the-wiser, then you may just want to read on… because one dog expert has revealed the three dog breeds that are "too much to handle for the average person" – and they may just surprise you.

First up on his list is the Corgi.

"Corgis are the equivalent to an overly opinionated pint-size German Shepherd," he says.

"They're vocal, tenacious and they'd fight a gorilla if they had to."

He goes on to note that most people are not prepared for the "level of determination and drive" that Corgis have.


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The dog guru continues: "Corgis are actually a working breed.

"They're going to do what they want to do when they want to do it – so good luck trying to top it!"

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Next up on the dog trainer's list of breeds that are tough to handle are Jack Russell Terriers.

"Do no let their small size fool you," he warns.

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"This dog is like a one-man army willing to destroy anything in its path.

"I promise you – have you ever seen a p***ed off Jack Russell Terrier?

"They'll start at your ankles and eat their way up to your face."

He continues: "This was a working breed that was designed to hunt and kill.

"These dogs are no joke!

"If you don't know what you're doing – don't get one!"


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Last but not least, the final breed on the dog trainer's list are Doodles.

"I don't think people realise just how much crazy there can be in one animated stuffed animal of a dog," he says.

"It's like they're possessed by the spirit of over-excitement."

He goes on to say how they don't mean any harm, but notes they just don't tend to have an off button.

"Doodles tend to be some of the most anxious dogs I've ever worked with," he explains.

"Mainly because people get them with the expectation of cuddling with them all day and not putting them to work, which they're actually designed to do given the breeds they're mixed with.

"And they tend to be super mouthy which is usually a problem with people with children…"

He captioned the post: "Which one surprised you the most??"

The post quickly went viral, racking up a staggering 3 million views and several comments, with many pet owners eager to offer their own opinions.

"We’re on our second Jack Russell and I knew they’d be on this list," wrote one.

A second penned: "Considered getting a Corgi and so I researched them. Quickly realised they were not the right fit for my lazy self in my small apartment. So cute though!"

A third commented: "My ex had a Jack Russell terrier that only cared about food and nothing else."

Meanwhile, a fourth pointed out: "Our Corgi is so smart and runs the house!"

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Another added: "I have a Corgi doodle and this definitely describes her."

A further chimed in: "Doodles are sooooooo high energy! They HAVE TO RUN!!!"

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