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A DOG trainer has revealed the six breeds she would NEVER own – and it’s bad news if you’re a fan of Staffies or doodles. 

Christina took to TikTok to suggest that owners steer clear of Staffordshire Terriers as they can be super sensitive, while doodles are pricey to buy and keep. 

She also suggested opting for another breed instead of an English mastiff as they can smell horrendous and drool. 

Known online as @streamlinek9, the content creator from Houston, Texas, regularly shares her top tips for pet owners with her 33,400 followers. 

In a new reel, she said: “Breeds I would never own as a dog trainer. 

“Honesty and petty answers only. 


I’m a dog trainer & there’s five breeds I’d NEVER own – Doodles are on my list

I’m a vet – what we REALLY think of your dog breed

“Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull type. 

“Genetically part of the doggy fight club. Hate downing on hard surfaces. Sensitive yet not at the same time.”

Next up – the Siberian husky, which Christina claimed can be rather annoying. 

She continued: “Annoying talking. Think they’re better than you. Quick to protest with their teeth. 

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“Wet beards are gross. Expensive haircuts. Backyard breed and overly priced. 


“Another professional puppy killer. Purple tongue is weird.”

The trainer also took a swipe at Bloodhounds, adding: Bloodhound. 

“Baying is loud AF. I can see inside their eyeballs. Dirty ears from dragging. 

“English Mastiff. 

“Smell horrendous. Too much drool. My house is too small. Sweet dogs though.”

Below the video, she added: “There are obviously outliers, but most of them are based off of typical breed traits and my recurring experience with the breeds.”

Fans loved her honesty, with the video gaining more than 8,600 likes and 430,200 views. 

In the comments, dog lovers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Finally someone who acknowledges the wet beards that doodles consistently have.”

Another said: “As a husky owner: yes. We call him ‘the manipulator’ or ‘the gaslighter’.”

“Can confirm, I have a staffy and it took months for him to lay down on our hardwood floors,” commented a third. 

Although not all agreed, with another adding: “I have to disagree on the doodles. They’ve been the best dogs I’ve had so far. Owned a Schnoodle, st berdoodle & golden doodle so far. I want another.”

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Someone else put: “Siberian husky was personal.”

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