I'm a dog behaviourist and here's the two scariest dog breeds I tell everyone to avoid – they’re so dangerous | The Sun

A DOG behaviourist has revealed the two scariest breeds he often tells people to avoid – and it’s bad news if you’re a Doberman fan. 

Will Atherton suggested that, in his experience, these large dogs can be a little scary due to their speed, strength and athleticism. 

He also claimed Caucasian shepherds make his heart beat a little faster too. 

Known online as @iamwillatherton, the canine behaviourist regularly shares his top pet owner tips with his 846,300 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, he said: “What is the scariest dog breed, in my personal opinion? 

“And obviously a scary dog breed is very subjective, but these are the dog breeds that when I’m going into work with, regardless of how many I’ve worked with and what kind of behaviours I focus on, are the dogs that still get my blood rate going a little bit more than other breeds. 


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“Starting off, has to be the Doberman. 

“There’s something about that black and tan colouring, especially when they’re cropped and docked, because of their sheer levels of athleticism that make sure I’m on my A-game when I’m working with one. 

“And still to this day, any time I’m called in to work with a Caucasian shepherd, that is a case that I’m definitely going to ensure that I’ve got 100 per cent focus attached to.” 

Fans loved his honesty, with his revelations gaining more than 21,400 likes and 249,200 views. 

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In the comments, TikTokkers shared their thoughts, with one writing: “My European Doberman is very intimidating!! He’s definitely is a love but always guarding,” shared another. 

Although not all agreed with Will’s judgement, with another adding: “My Doberman is a goof. People are scared of him but he loves kids, he sees them he's already on his back for belly rubs.”

“Shocked, not one mention of Cane Corso,” suggested another. 

A third added: “It HAS to be The HUSKY.”

Someone else put: “I've seen very nice and not so nice dogs of all breeds so I don't think there's a scary dog breed, it's just scary owners.”

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