I’m a DIY whizz and you’ve been using your tape measure all wrong – it’s got three hidden features to make tasks easier | The Sun

YOU'VE probably got one in the back of a junk drawer somewhere in your house, but did you know you've probably been using your tape measure all wrong?

It even has three handy features to make those annyoing jobs easier, but hardly anyone realises they're there.

But don't worry, one DIY whizz took to TikTok to show people how they can get the most from their trusty tape measure.

The first thing people miss when doing odd jobs around the home is that your tape measure has a number on the back or side of it.

It turns out this number is the exact size of the tape measure which is handy for inside measurements where you might usually bend the tape.

Instead, you can include the size of your tape measure for a more precise result.


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The small hole on the end of the tape measure if there for a useful reason too.

"It's meant to hook a nail or a screw," the pro explained.

So you can do those pesky DIY jobs on your own since you can hook it at one end and still hold the other.

Not only that, but the hole can be used to "scribe a perfect radius," if that's something you need to do.

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And if you've ever thought your tape measurer is faulty because the metal tab on the end is loose – think again.

"The first inch of a tape measure is not a true inch, it's actually one sixteenth shy because the metal end of a tape measure is a sixteenth of an inch," he explained.

Viewers were amazed they didn't already know about some of the features, one said: "The metal thing blew my mind!"

And a second wrote: "I don't even own a tape measure but I feel like I should buy one now."

Meanwhile, one user shared something else people often don't know, they said: "You missed the fact you can erase pencil marks with the black part of the tape measure."

"This was everything I didn't know I needed," someone else commented.

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