I'm a DIY expert – here are three easy ways to paint your garden fence to freshen it up for summer with hardly any faff | The Sun

ONE of the best ways to give your garden a new lease of life before summer is to freshen up your fence.

It might seem like a massive faff but it's actually loads easer than you might think, especially with these tips and tricks.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the DIY pros from Checkatrade said picking quality products is a must, but you should also prep it so they paint job can last for years to come.

Using a roller

Before you even open a tin of paint it's important to cover any grass or flowers you want to protect with a plastic tarp, the DIY experts said.

Sanding your fence down first will give you the best results, but it's not always necessary.

The pros explained: "Although using a roller is a quick way to go over your fence, there will inevitably be gaps you need to go over with a soft brush – especially for interlocking shapes or intricate designs.”


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Using a sprayer

If you have a metal fence in your garden it might be worth buying or renting a sprayer to get the job done.

The key is to use the right nozzle for the specific part of the fence you're painting – smaller parts of the fence will require a precise tip.

After a layer of primer you can spray on your chosen paint colour, standing back about six inches, and moving the sprayer in a "steady back and forth motion."

It might not be clear if the fence needs another coat of paint until it's dry, so leave it overnight and then check for any streaks.

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Using a brush

Using a brush might take more time than other methods, but chances are you'll have to go over any more intricate parts or streaks with a brush no matter what method you use.

It's better suited for smaller jobs, it might get a bit tiring if you you have loads of space to cover with one small brush.

You should also clean your fence and allow it to try before painting, this includes tightening loose screws and removing dirt.

The pros said: "Make sure your fence primer and chosen paints are safe for outdoor use and on wood.

“For example, oil-based paints are usually the most durable type of fence paint on the market.

"Apply the primer using a roller or paintbrush first and leave it to dry completely."

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