I'm a dairy farmer – I like to 'shake it for the cows', people 'fall in love' with my moves | The Sun

A FEMALE dairy farmer has come up with a novel way of entertaining her cows.

You won't find her method in any agricultural manual.

But English farmer Maisie Downs (@maisiedowns) has been having fun sharing it with her TikTok followers anyway.

And what they are getting is her very own version of a barn dance.

Except the only other invitees are a herd of Friesian and she's the only dancer.

A proud country girl, Maisie asserts that: “Farm life is the best life.”

In her latest video, her cows are in for a treat.

“Shaking it for the cows,” she says.

Maisie is dressed in a regulation dairy farmer uniform everywhere.

She wears waterproof dungarees, a snug hooded sweater, and a cozy wooly hat.

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It's not exactly the standard dress code for the disco, but it works here.

A break in the milking routine presents an opportunity for some farmyard choreography.

Thumping music in the background accompanies Maisie’s move to the ‘dancefloor’.

The barnyard anthem blares out: "Gonna watch you make me fall in love, gonna watch you do you thing."

While her herd munches contentedly on hay in the barn behind her, Maisie busts a few moves.

If the cows are impressed, they don’t show it.

Maisie however is enjoying a break from farm life.

Bringing the dance show to an end, at least one of her followers was impressed.

 “Love it,” he said.    

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