I’m a country girl living in the outback – it's dirty work but I love it & people are stunned when I wear my bikini | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl living in the outback says people are left stunned when she ditches her filthy clothes to don a teeny bikini.

Stacy Gibbs is no stranger to getting down and dirty while pitching in on the farm in Australia and herding animals into their paddocks.

The 23-year-old often dons overalls, shirts and jeans to carry out her daily duties in the bush as she often returns caked in dirt.

Stacy is station living in the "middle of nowhere" with her boyfriend, taking care of livestock and the sprawling land she calls home.

She often uploads videos of her outfit of the day to TikTok, showing her 10,000 followers that farm girls don't have time for fashion.

Instead, Stacy sports a more sensible wardrobe and purchases durable items from equestrian brands that will last a lifetime.


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She shared a clip showing the reality of farm life – wearing a stained beige shirt and flaunting her ungroomed hair while glugging from a water pipe.

But the cowgirl proved she can still scrub up well in another post exhibiting her transformation after getting glammed up.

She explained people are left stunned when she strips off her baggy clothing to reveal her extraordinary body hiding underneath.

Stacy wore a dazzling sparkly bikini and a cowboy hat in the short clip showing off her assets and her toned farm physique.

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TikTokers were wowed by her incredible glow-up, seeing the comment section flooded with adoring compliments.

But some social media users often don't believe she is make-up free during work hours and claim she doesn't even look dishevelled.

Stacy hit back at skeptics in another vid, proving she works up a sweat during a long hard day on the farm.

She said: "Some people say I don't work hard and I don't get dirty – that's literally sweat.

"This is my outfit of the day, there's a fly on my head."

The 23-year-old "buckle bunny" also posts a range of videos detailing her day-to-day life in the outback.

Stacy described moving to the bush with her other half as the "best decision I ever made".

The couple "work 24/7" to fulfill their dream of driving around in matching quads while surrounded by a legion of animals.

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