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A CLEANING expert has revealed the gross reason you shouldn’t make your bed first thing in the morning. 

Mrs D – a British mum who shares cleaning hacks on social media – said doing so might just cause mites and bed bugs. 

She revealed that trapping damp air in your bed by making it as soon as you wake up could encourage dust mites and bed bugs to breed in your sheets.  

According to Mrs D, the sweet spot is airing your bed “for at least an hour” every morning. 

Taking to Instagram, she penned: “It seems a lot of people get up and make the bed straight away. 

“This is something you need to stop doing.

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“Get out of bed and throw the duvet back and let your bed breathe.

“During the night we not only sweat but we also shed skin, and this is a magnet for dust mites and bed bugs.

“They love damp and humid areas. 

“Some people only let their bed breathe in the summer and think that you don’t need to do this in the winter because of the cold weather.

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“But this isn’t true. With central heating being on in the winter it can attract dust mites and bed bugs just as much as in the summer months.

“So, by making your bed first thing every morning you are trapping all that damp air and helping dust mites and bed bugs breed.

“Sounds horrible, but it's true.”

Mrs D’s other tips for preventing nasty critters breeding in your bed are washing your sheets once a week and deep cleaning your mattress once a month with a vacuum and steamer. 

She also advised washing pillows and duvets once every six months. 

The cleaning fanatic elaborated: “If you can fit them in your own washing machine then take them to the launderette. 

“Most launderettes offer a duvet cleaning service.”

Homemakers flocked to the comments to weigh in on her tips.

One wife agreed: “I don't make my bed.

“I turn the duvet back in the morning and it stays like that until I get back in it at night. 

“No one but my husband and I see it so I would rather leave it to air all day and know it was fresh than make it look pretty with loads of cushions.”

Another woman added: “I’ve been doing that for years.

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“I have allergies and it helps.”

As well as being good for allergies, the bed-dressing hack could prolong the life of your mattress, duvet and pillows.

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