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WITH laundry taking forever to dry, things can get a little stale even when you’ve just washed them.

Though you might not be able to rescue all your washing, there is a simple hack that will help your towels stay softer for longer – and it costs just pennies!

As with many hacks, this clever tip comes from Tiktok and was first shared by interiors expert Muna.

Better known as @my_styled_living, the influencer has a huge following of over 61,000 fans thanks to her hacks around the home.

Unsurprisingly, the mum-of-three even has a tip to help keep your laundry smelling sweet even in the depths of winter and endless bad weather.

Rather than shelling out for expensive fabric softener, the interiors expert recommends replacing it with white vinegar when you next wash your towels.

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You can then add a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda to the drum and half your regular detergent, leaving your towels looking like new thanks to the add stain removers.

According to Muna, this will also have your towels feeling super soft as well – with even the most sensitive skin being impressed with how fluffy they are.

The influencer even has a tip for those who want to banish the chip shop smell, with her adding drops of essential oil to the vinegar before washing.

Whilst baby soft towels are always wonderful to have around your home, the tip is even better given just how cost effective it is!

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With a 5 litre bottle of white vinegar costing just £6.99 on Amazon and most of us already having baking soda at home, this hack could cost you as little as 3p per wash.  

This means you’ll have plenty of left over change to splash out on essential oils of your choice – which should impress your house guests over the festive season.

However, the influencer hasn't finished getting your home sparkling this Christmas, with her also offering advice on how to keep your bathroom fresh.

Using the essential oils you’ve bought for the previous hack, you can deodorise even the nastiest of bins – with little to no hassle.

Simply sprinkle a few drops on some cotton balls and leave them at the bottom of the bin to keep your home smelling sweet.

She also suggests using the mixture of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to remove odours from your sink, then rinsing it away with some warm water.

This tried and tested method will also have the additional benefit of keeping your pipes clean, by gently removing any build up of debris or dirt.

You can even use this hack to clean your toilet, although we do suggest to measuring ½ a cup of each product and then leaving it to soak for at least 30 minutes.

When you are ready, just scrub with your toilet brush and then flush – it really is that simple.

After reading this, there is no excuse to have a dirty bathroom anymore.

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