I’m a cleaning expert and love vinegar for getting my home sparkling – but there are five places you should NEVER use it

A RISING number of top cleaning experts will tell you that they rely on vinegar to get their homes sparkling clean.

But TikTok cleaning and organising fanatic Neat Caroline, aka neat.caroline, has now revealed that while she’s also a huge fan, there are five places that you should never use it – from stainless steel knives to stone surfaces.

In a new video, Caroline, who lives in New York, tells her 153,000 followers: “If you know me, you know I love vinegar, but here’s some things you should never clean with vinegar.” 

She then runs through them one by one, explaining how vinegar could actually cause more harm than good when it comes to those particular places. 

Firstly, Caroline says vinegar should be completely banned around any electronics in your home, including TV and computer screens. 

She explains: “Vinegar will damage the anti-glare coating on your screens.”

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Next, Caroline points out that it’s important to steer clear of vinegar in a few different ways in the kitchen.

Honing in on her cast iron skillet, Caroline says: “Vinegar causes rusting and removes the seasoning oils on the surface.”

It’s also not a good idea to deep clean any stone surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom worktops, using a vinegar solution.

She continues: “Vinegar can cause edging and wear away at the surface over time.”

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Meanwhile, Caroline maintains that we should never use vinegar on waxed or unfinished wood surfaces, as it will ultimately change their appearance for the worse. 

She reveals: “Cleaning the floors with vinegar will cause discolouration over time.” 

Lastly, Caroline explains the reasoning behind not using vinegar on stainless steel knives. 

She says: “Vinegar can damage the finish and leave the edges pitted.”

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As many of Caroline’s worried followers flocked to the comment section to say they’d been using vinegar in the wrong way, the cleaning expert did her best to reassure them.

When one lady said she had cleaned her TV with the household product a few times, Caroline replied: “That’s ok! A few times shouldn’t be a big deal.”

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