I’m a cleaner to the stars & always see the same grimy thing in their bathroom but my 90p hack banishes limescale | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner who looks after celebrity homes has revealed the quick and easy hacks she uses.

The celebrity housekeeper explains that she only ever uses “really basic” products rather than forking out on the expensive ones. 

The cleaner, who goes by the name of ‘diamondgemcleaning’ on TikTok, claims that one of her best cleaning tips is super simple. 

In the video, which has gone viral, she says: “I've been a professional cleaner for over 10 years and at one point employed seven people and cleaned around 60, 70 houses a week and cleaned for famous people.

“But one thing I've always done is use really basic products to get rid of the lime scale.”

In the video, she filmed herself beginning to clean one of her clients' bathrooms. 



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The cleaner, from Medway, in Kent says: “Today, this was the first clean and it wasn't that bad and I just needed soap pads and white vinegar.

“And this will not scratch the crime, it won't scratch the glass, It won't damage the sink, it just leaves everything really shiny.”

The soap pads, which can be sold for 90p on some online stores, which help to quickly eliminate grime and residue on household items. 

Whilst filming herself using the scrubbing tool, she says: “I use it on all this chrome.

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“Don't forget the shower bit here.

“I use it on the radiators.

“This will not scratch, it just leaves everything shiny.”

The cleaner then filmed the end results which was a sparkling tap.

She adds: “I do use lots of clothes and that's what I did to achieve these results.

“I just wiped away the excess on the baths.

“My clients are really happy with the results.”

The video has attracted thousands of views and likes.

Many other cleaning fans rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts too.

One wrote: “I can’t believe Brillo (soap pads) don’t scratch.” 

To which she replied: “I’ve used them on hundreds of bathrooms they will not scratch these taps or any glass.” 

Another asked: “What do you do to disinfect the sponges etc after you’ve finished cleaning?” 

She replied: “I wash all my clothes daily on a high wash.” 

A third cleaning fan asked: “What do you use on the porcelain tiles? Mine are always left with water marks.” 

The celebrity cleaner replied: “Try Cif, should work, then buff, you want your tiles really shiny finish with Mr Sheen on cloth.

"Don’t get it in the bath or it will be really slippery.” 

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Others simply commented on her cleaning by writing: “The shine is so good.” 

Another said: “Looks amazing!”

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