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A CHILD safety expert explained why you should never put a baby down to sleep in your own bed – and it's not just because they could roll off.

Australian TikToker BabySleepCode, showed exactly why an adult's mattress isn't safe for a baby.

In a short clip they demonstrated the difference between the way infant and grown-up mattress are made.

She said: "Why (most) adult mattresses aren't safe for infant sleep.

"Most babies will learn to roll from back to tummy between eight weeks and five months.

"The average eight-week old baby weighs 5kg [11lbs] and by five months 7kg [15lbs].

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"When sleeping on a cot mattress that meets Australian standards, there will be no indent around the baby and any risk around breathing is low.

"Now imagine that same eight-week-old on this medium firmness adult mattress."

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She used weights to demonstrate the dip that was caused by the body of the baby on both types of mattress and they sunk in far deeper on the adult version.

While the influencer quoted the standards in her own country, Australia, the same is true of cot mattress standards in the UK.

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Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the informative video.

One person said: "I wish more people understood this when buying baby mattresses.

"They always want it to be soft for them to be comfortable so to speak."

Another said: "I chose not to co-sleep for this reason. I don't understand why people would risk their babies life for anything. I could never."

A third said: "But those weights are tiny compared to a baby and the weight is very differently distributed,"

To which the expert replied: "It's a visual representation to show the difference in firmness.

"Even with different weight distribution, there would be unsafe indentation."

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