I’m a child expert and mum and this is why I never tell my toddler she’s naughty

A MUM has revealed that she never tells her daughter that she’s naughty and instead takes a different approach to discipline. 

While most parents opt to use a naughty step to discipline their child, one mum has warned that this isn’t the best approach to discipline. 

Dr. Kristy Sommer, who has a PhD in child development, shared a video with her 200,000 followers on TikTok about how she disciplines her toddler and why she never uses the word ‘naughty’. 

Kristy uses her channel to share tips and advice with other parents about the best ways to deal with childhood behavioural issues. She shares her personal experience of parenting her toddler and shows other mums and dads how they can take a more positive approach to discipline. 

Despite a lot of parents thinking that using the word ‘naughty’ to reinforce bad behaviour is an effective discipline technique, Kirsty disagrees and in the now-viral video explains why.

The mum starts the video by explaining: “Here’s how I discipline my toddler as a mum with a PhD in child development”. 

“I don’t tell her she’s naughty, I don’t tell her she’s bad, I don’t tell her there’s anything she does makes her inherently a bad person”. 

“I very rarely tell her to stop, only when it’s dangerous, what I do instead is really important”. 

Kristy has revealed that when it comes to parenting her toddler, it’s all about the phrases that she uses. 

“I use the terminology good decisions and bad decisions or good choices and bad choices”.

“When she first does something wrong, I ask her if she thinks that’s a good decision or a bad decision even if it’s in the moment”.

“If she looks confused, I’ll tell her whether it was a good decision or a bad decision, and give her some suggestions for how to make a better decision”.

Kirsty explained: “So, for example, if she climbs up on the table I’ll ask her – when she’s safe – if it’s a good decision or a bad decision. She’ll say bad.”.

“Then what she’ll do is climb back down. When she climbs back down, I tell her it was a great decision and I celebrate it.”

“That’s how I use positive reinforcement to discipline”. 

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