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Bargain-loving shoppers have long loved TJ Maxx as a place to secure great deals on fashion and homeware.

But can the cut-price retailer hold its own as a place to buy expensive-looking handbags?

TikToker Nia Lewis (@nialewis.co) thinks so.

The business coach has 22,000 followers on the platform, where she shares videos about fashion, lifestyle, and budgeting.

In a recent clip, she discussed the secret to choosing expensive-looking, timeless bags at TJ Maxx.

The video is the latest in Nia's series of how to look expensive on a budget.

She filmed a variety of bags available at her local TJ Maxx, and gave her advice in a voiceover.

Her first tip? She said: "I try to avoid bags that have excessive logos on them, as they're not very versatile."

Instead, she recommended "timeless-looking bags" that exude a feeling of quiet luxury.

She said: "If you can find a bag that has a 'made in Italy' tag, those are usually good quality.

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"Simple handbags with clean lines always look more expensive than bags that have a lot going on."

The influencer showed footage of a plain black leather tote bag, and said: "Go for bags which have simple, classic designs, like this one."

Nia continued: "Like clothing, texture is important. A pebbled, textured leather always looks expensive to me, even if it's faux leather instead of real."

One of the influencer's biggest tips is to "avoid bags with big, logo-heavy hardware."

She believes this detail "always makes bags look cheap," and instead recommends bags with "timeless, elegant hardware," as she feels the hardware on designer bags is usually simple.

Video viewers loved Nia's opinions, with many commenting their agreement.

One person said: "Yes! Avoid super shiny gold hardware on a bag. A more subtle finish looks more high-end. Or as little visible hardware as possible."

Another commenter wrote: "So true. When you go to a rich neighborhood, the only logos you see are on the cars."

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