I'm a bra fitter – there's three common mistakes women make that’s ruining the shape & support of their underwear | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL bra fitter has revealed the three incorrect ways to put on a bra – so, are you guilty of any of them?

Kimmay, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared an informative video which she captioned: "The WORST ways to put on your bra from a bra fitter!"

In the clip, she begins: "These are the three worst ways I've seen people put on a bra – and believe me, I have seen many terrible ways to put on your bra – these are just the worst."

"One, is the over-the-head style."

If your bra has a back clasp, it's not designed to be able to fit over your shoulders and then to your under bust."

You're just going to stretch it out."


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Two, similar, is the step in."

Once again, if your bra has a back clasp, it shouldn't be able to fit over your hips and then fit underneath your bust."

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It's just going to stretch out over time and won't give you the support it's supposed to.

And three is the worst. Fun fact – this is how my mum taught me to put on my bra.

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This is called the crush, spin and flip.

Where you crush the cups against your body, completely denting them, and then spin it around which completely stretches the band which is the most important part of the bra.

And then you flip it up which and yank it up and completely wear out the structure of the bra.

In a second video, Kimmay reveals the correct way to put on a bra.

"Ideally, you want to put your bra on straps first, pull it down underneath, and then hook it behind you," she explains.

The post has since received over 1.4million likes and been flooded with comments.

"I thought #3 was a normal way," admitted one.

A second commented: "I do it like the last way but without the flip part, just the twist."

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A third added: "The last way seems reasonable. The first two damn!"

Meanwhile, a further penned: "I’ve always clasped mine in the back I recently learnt not everyone did this hahaha."

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