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Applying makeup can take time and effort, and when you’ve finally perfected your look, the last thing you want is for it to wear off halfway through the night. 

With the party season fast approaching, your calendar might be filled with never ending events and for each one you need your makeup to stay in place all night. 

There are many products available that claim to be ‘long lasting’, such as powders, sprays and primers, but it can be hard to find one which works for you. 

However, making your makeup last longer can be more technical than you think, many seem to overlook the prep which impacts the longevity of the products on your skin. 

By integrating certain steps into your makeup routine, an uneven base and creased foundation lines will be a thing of the past. 

Here, Amy Anzel, founder of Hollywood Browzer and beauty expert, has shared her approved tricks for long lasting party makeup.


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1. Prep your skin

One of the most overlooked steps of your skincare routine is the prep.

Applying makeup to dehydrated or dry skin can cause your makeup to clump and fall into dry patches. Take time to exfoliate your skin the morning before you apply any makeup. 

Dermaplaning is an effective way to clear your skin whilst rejuvenating and replenishing it.

It also helps to smooth out uneven texture which helps your foundation to glide on easy. The razor is used to slowly scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells leaving you with a new layer of clean and fresh skin. 

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The Hollywood Browzer provides gentle dermaplaning that will leave your skin with a glowing base for your makeup to sit on after the removal of peach fuzz.

2. Choose the right primer for you

Primer is an important step, but it’s important to choose the right one for you as the product choice has evolved.

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From mattifying, hydrating, illuminating and colour correcting, you need to pick a product that is better for you based on your skin type. 

Without applying primer, your skin can become patchy, and makeup can separate into open pores.

It acts as a base between your skin and makeup whilst sealing in moisturiser. Opt for a mineral based or oil free primer to avoid having a slippery skin base.

First use a face primer which smooths out fine lines, then add an additional eye primer to keep your eyeshadow in place.

3. Take your time

Less is always more, and it’s important not to suffocate your skin in the process of making your makeup last longer. 

Take time between steps to allow products to penetrate your skin and absorb properly. 

Wait a few minutes between applying your primer and foundation to ensure your skin adjusts to the product applied. 

Once your makeup is applied avoid touching your face. When you expose your skin to oils and germs, you risk smudging your mascara and breaking down your foundation. 

If you take your time and leave your skin to breathe, your makeup will look clean and flawless.

4. Apply moisturiser

Regardless of your skin type, you should always apply moisturiser right before any makeup. It is key for ensuring that your foundation and other base products sit on the top of your face. If you have oily skin, opt for a lightweight formula to prevent your products weighing down on your skin.

5. Use thin layers

Choose an oil-free foundation to smooth your complexion and continue with your concealer and powder in thin layers. 

This will give you more coverage without making your skin look cakey and also prevent any creases throughout the night. 

The trick is to try stippling powders on your face instead of buffing. 

The tapping of the products will keep your liquids from moving and lock them in all night.

6. Use toner

During the prep phase, toner application is important to minimise the amount of oil that your skin produces as well as sebum from your makeup base. 

Nobody realises this is the secret, and it doesn’t have to break the bank account either. 

Boots have their own brand facial toner for as little as £1.

If you have dry skin, the best way is to use mist toners. The refreshing sprays can keep your skin hydrated, dewy and plump before applying moisturiser.

7. Touch up with a sponge

When you use brushes to touch up your powder, you’re moving the product further off your face. 

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Powder brushes are meant to brush your excess powder off your skin during the application process so instead touch up with a beauty sponge. 

The patting motion won’t lift your foundation but instead help the base product seep into your skin.

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