I'm a BBQ expert and this is what your favourite summer food says about you – it’s bad news if you like corn on the cob | The Sun

There's nothing Brits like more than a BBQ on a hot summers day.

But according to one BBQ expert, your favourite BBQ grub can say a lot about you.

Corn on the cob

BBQ expert, Sam Wanstall, from Traeger revealed to Fabulous what your favourite BBQ dish says about your personality.

If you're the kind of person who starts salivating at the thought of a grilled corn on the cob slathered in butter then you probably don't care what people think about you so long as you're having a good time.

He said: "Corn on the Cob is for those who don't mind diving in and getting messy, buttery dribbles down their chins or clothes.

"They won't be wearing white while they are busy tucking in!"


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Is it even a BBQ if you don't have a burger?

But if you're main focus is the burgers then it means you're not one to rock the boat or draw any attention to yourself.

"The burger lover likes to play it safe, not take any risks
or stand out from the crowd.

"They are more likely to be ‘here for the beer’, than expecting haute cuisine," the BBQ expert adds.

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Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are another staple at a BBQ and if it's your favourite you probably have a passion for street food.

Being a hot dog lover probably means you're very laid back and on the go.

You're not scared to grab food from any street corner vendor your nose guides you to.

Sam said: "You're happy disregarding the five-second rule.

"The Hot Dog is the perfect all in one food for speedy, no mess, no fuss eating on the go."


If you walk into a BBQ expecting steak t hen the chances are you're a true carnivore who wouldn't even touch the side salad or stuffed mushrooms.

You also probably love playing hostess with the mostess and can't help but show people how good you are at everything.

"You have a passion for the finer things in life, and don’t
mind spending money on the best cuts," said the BBQ whizz.

You can often be found making a fuss over the size of your rumps and T-bones, and quick to try and show off your BBQ skills to friends and family.

Wings and ribs

If you're happy to tuck into these messy foods in public then your probably the life and soul of the party who sees yourself as 'macho'.

You aren't afraid to be who you are and confidence is second-nature to you.

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Sam revealed: "It’s all about the game day for these confident, eat-
everything-with-your-fingers outgoing personalities."

"You probably don't care too much about eating etiquette," Sam adds, as you're to busy having fun and enjoying yourself.

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