I’m a baby name expert but trolls say my opinion is worthless as I gave my kids the ugliest names – they’re just jealous | The Sun

A BABY name expert has hit back at trolls who say no one should take her advice.

Steph Coffield, 40, is a consultant for parents who are struggling to find the perfect baby name – but it seems not everyone wants her advice.

Taking to social media, the moniker whizz hit back at one mean troll who didn't want to hear her opinions.

"Your opinion is worthless, you gave your kids the ugliest names," retorted one meany.

But Steph wasn't having it replying to the comment with the song 'Big Weenie' by Eminem.

"I don't understand," the lyrics go.



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"Why are you being so mean?

"You're a mean, mean man.

"You're just jealous of me 'cause you, you just can't do what I do.

"So instead of just admitting it, you walk around and say all kinds of really mean things about me 'cause you're a meanie."

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"Haters gonna hate, it only means you’re doing better and better," she captioned the post.

Steph has previously revealed that her own three children are called Euan, Fitz and Orianna.

Although the mum has to deal with trolls, it seems plenty of people didn't agree with them.

Many people come to Steph for suggestions – and even pay for her advice.

The clip shared to her TikTok account @nameswithsteph soon went viral and many people took to the comments to stick up for the name consultant.

One person wrote: "The names you post won’t be for everyone but it’s awesome that you give people so much variety."

Another commented: "I adore your kids names! I suggested Orianna to some one a couple of days ago."

"Love your suggestions," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I love your kids' names and the suggestions you make!!"

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Someone else added: "11.7 M. Enough said," regarding how many likes she has on her videos.

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