I’m 64 but ignore people who tell me to dress ‘my age’ – I want to prove you can be a diva however old you are | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at people who tell her to "dress your age", insisting she will wear what she wants regardless of her age.

Kathy took to TikTok to share a video which began with the 64-year-old wearing a dated pink shirt, black trousers and trainers.

"Is this what they mean when they say dress your age?" she wrote over the top.

The clip then changed to show Kathy wearing an off-the-shoulder jumper, tight black trousers and knee-high boots.

"Nooooooo!" she added.

People quickly took to the comments section to praise Kathy for her glow up, with one writing: "You are dressing your age… you just happen to have class and style."

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"Proof that bad styling can age us 20 years. You look fabulous! Keep being you!" another added.

To which Kathy replied: "Thank you and it’s amazing how you can date yourself by what you wear and your hair!!"

"You're an inspiration and you are looking fabulous," a third wrote.

"I was afraid to wear my beautiful clothes around certain people, wth I'm not doing that anymore."

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"I just turned 69 on Dec 20," someone else commented.

"I will not ever dress like #1, I will get up put my make-up on and dress as young as I feel."

"I love it. I’m about to be 60. And I’ll wear what I damn well please," another added.

While someone else wrote: "Outfit number 1 was just AWFUL!!

"But when you changed to that slick #2, everything about your appearance changed!! Keep rockin You darlin!!!"

In another video, Kathy revealed she's making it her mission to encourage people to wear what they want, however old they are.

"You can be a diva at any age. Even at 64 and up!" she wrote over the clip.

In the video, she revealed that she has had some comments from "trolls", but acknowledged that it's part and parcel of the social media business.

"There can be trolls under the bridge but we just drive right on by. You go girl," one person commented on that video.

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