I’m 5’3 and weigh 217lbs – I’m normalizing my body type, people say I dropped my crown | The Sun

BODIES come in all sizes, and one self-love expert is tired of seeing her shape underrepresented.

When she got candid about her experience, she received a rush of love from commenters in return.

When a body-positive TikTok trend came across her timeline, Kaysee Eckles (@kayseeeckles) jumped at the chance to participate.

"I heard we are normalizing women's bodies over 200lbs," Eckles said, leaning into the camera.

The close-up angle and a baggy sweatshirt concealed her frame and didn't give viewers much of a look at her body.

But then, Eckles stood back so the camera could capture all of her.

She had changed into a pair of fitted leggings and a halter-style bra top, which showed off her figure.

As Eckles flashed a peace sign, her measurements appeared onscreen: she stands 5'3 and weighs 217 pounds.

Viewers were charmed by her openness and immediately complimented her looks in the body-baring ensemble.

"Always killin' it," wrote one approving fan.

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Another viewer wrote "I don't know you, but…" accompanied by a string of fire emojis.

"Queen, you dropped your crown," said a third commenter.

Viewers commended Eckles for loving herself and setting a great example for others.

"Girl, you're beautiful, no matter what anyone may say," a fan wrote.

Eckles even joined in on the encouragement.

When another woman called her body "goals," Eckles responded, "You can do it!"

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