If you can find a stethoscope hiding in this mystifying medical picture in under 12 seconds, you might have 20/20 vision | The Sun

PUT your labcoats on, or don't, and try out this medical brainteaser to test your attention to detail and perception skills; you might have 20/20 vision.

Dive into this medical test and see how you compare against the 12-second record to find a lost piece of medical equipment.

Taking on look at the doctor's messy desk is quite overwhelming, now try to find his missing stethoscope in under record time to prove your skill.

Gloves, masks and forceps flood the medical field as you try to search for the lost equipment.

A nearly exclusively blue and green color palette with rare splashes of red makes locating the item all the more difficult.

If you are still struggling, consider these hints:

Although messy, this doctor did not drop his tool on the floor.

The stethoscope is not necessarily on top of the heap of supplies.

The right side is called "right" for a reason.

When you have given it your best shot and are ready for the answer, keep reading along.

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Check by the doctor's right hand, a deep teal cord can be seen drooping off the table.

It's no ordinary cord by the bottom half of the missing stethoscope that is wedged beneath an electric device and blood pressure sleeve.

Whether you beat the record or struggled to find the item at all, there is no shame in sharpening your skills.

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