I work in a salon and demanding customers always say the same things… the ones with vouchers are the worst

A SALON worker is revealing how difficult it is to deal with demanding customers, and why the ones with vouchers are the worst.

Yvette, who works in a hair salon in Los Angeles, explained how she dealt with one customer who insisted she paid with a voucher that was for another salon.

Taking to her TikTok account, Yvette reenacted a situation she had with a walk-in customer.

Posting under the domain @yuhh_vett7, the salon worker said that when the client asked for a last-minute appointment, she was able to accommodate her as there had been some cancellations that day.

The 'client' said: "Oh my gosh thank you so much. Should I pay right now, or should I wait until after the service?"

Yvette told the client it was completely up to her and the woman proceeded to take out a Groupon voucher.


"Um Mam, this is a Groupon," said Yvette, confused. to which the client responded, "That it is, it is just my lucky day today."

"Mam, I'm so sorry, this Groupon is not for our Salon, it's for the salon down the street," said the salon worker.

The client seemed oblivious as to why this would be an issue and figured she could use the Groupon in any salon she likes.

"Tomato, Tomato, you guys are in the same city," said the client.

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Yvette responded: "So mam Groupons don't work that way, unfortunately, they are affiliated with the salon, we don't ever take Groupons, so maybe it's best if you go with them because you have their Groupon."

The client then revealed that she had already tried to get into the other salon, but they were unable to take her.

"See I already called them before I came here and they told me they were all booked out for today, so if you could just honour the Groupon," said the client.

The salon worker said: "So mam like I said, both salons are not affiliated with each other, we might be in the same area, but that does not mean that the Groupon can apply to both salons."

The client continued to brush Yvette off, insisting she accept the Groupon.

"You can just work something out with the other salon, it's fine, just take the Groupon," said the client.

Yvette responded saying "we will not be taking the Groupon, we will be taking cash, and if you do not wanna pay cash, totally fine, maybe you need to schedule with that salon for another day."

The client then started to go off at the salon worker for not taking the other salon's Groupon as payment.

"But I paid for this Groupon already, I paid for this Groupon so you need to honour it," she said, becoming irate.

After she was still refused, the client added: "I'm writing a google review for this place, just so you know, telling everyone you don't honour your Groupons."

The post has been viewed over 17.8k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"It’s a good thing she wanted to “pay” upfront otherwise she would have had the service and not pay" commented one person.

Another added: "I don’t get how people think this and think they’re in the right."

"I just don’t understand how we lost critical thinking skills" added a third.

In related news…I’m a hairdresser, we get awful clients at Christmas – one woman ruined my holiday in an epic way, I’ll never forget it.

Also, I’m a hairdresser and mums are the rudest customers and ALWAYS ask for the same thing when I’ve cut their kids’ hair.

Meanwhile…I went to a high-end salon to fix my hair because it was uneven – they fried it so badly I had to cut a FOOT off

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