I work in a charity shop – what it’s really like to trawl the donations & how we decide what price to put on everything

EVER wondered how charity shop staff decide what price to put on the donated items?

A worker has revealed behind-the-scenes secrets of working in one of the shops, including whether they are allowed to buy items before they go on sale to customers. 

TikTok user Issy, who posts under @isabelnecessary, uploaded a video showing a typical day in her life. 

People were quick to comment with questions, with one person asking about how they price donations. 

Issy, 20, from Belfast, explained: “My manager prices 90 per cent of the things in the shop! Whenever I price clothes there is a pricing guide.

“And the price guide tells you how to price different pieces according to the brand (it has literally every brand there is in it!).

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“For homeware/anything else then we usually Google how much the item is new and price it accordingly!”

People also asked if she is allowed to take items before shoppers can get their hands on them. 

Issy explained: “Lol no, that would be stealing from a charity. If anything nice comes in that I like there’s a policy it has to go out into the shop for 1 day.

“Before any staff / volunteers can buy it. Just to be fair to everyone :).”

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Fellow charity shop worker Katiana, who posts under @y2katyy, revealed what she does when she has her eye on charity bargains. 

She explained: “If there’s something on the shop floor I like I’ll put it aside till we close and buy, but if in donations I’ll price it then buy.”

Issy also revealed what it's like to trawl through donations, and showed a day's haul.

She said: "Someone donated all the Harry Potter books which I thought was cool.

"Someone donated five brand new pairs of Under Armour leggings.

"Someone donated Nike Jordans. I thought that was so crazy, they were basically brand new.

"I had 15 bags on donations today which is insane, so many.

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"In between customers I get to sorting out clothes, there is a lot to do.

"I put it out on the rail to be steamed."

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