I work at M&S lingerie department…there’s a type of customer who are the WORST for demanding discounts

A MARKS & SPENCER employee has revealed the five different types of customers she has to serve in the lingerie department.

Having to deal with a number of customers every day, working in retail can be both fun and frustrating, and now a TikTok user has gone viral after sharing a list of the people she sees in the store on a regular basis.

In a clip, which has since gone viral, racking up close to 106,000 views in a week, Aneesah (@aneeeeesah3)revealed which type of customer always tries to get a discount.

According to the employee, there are always elderly ladies visiting the lingerie section, who after having browsed and found the perfect set of underwear will go to the till and ask Aneesah to check their Sparks offers.

It's not just women who look to upgrade their lingerie selection – their partners are just as keen, the video revealed.

''My wifes got big knockers, can you help me out darling [sic],'' is a request that Aneesah, who said she would quit the position soon, also deals with often.

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With the world heading towards an environmental crisis at a rapid speed, almost all retail shops have introduced an extra charge for carrier bags.

But whilst most will now carry their own ready for shopping, that doesn't mean there won't be the odd customer who's forgotten theirs.

Not willing to spend money on one, Aneesah revealed that there will always be someone trying their luck at check-out and asking for a bag free of charge.

The fourth type of customer in the lingerie department, the employee said, is a young mum.

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Whilst she might appear friendly to some, don't be fooled, as she would proceed to make a remark: ''you lot never out ur stock out, yeah [sic].''

Marks & Spencer has long been a British favourite amongst those who love good quality products for a reasonable price.

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However, according to Aneesah, there will always be one type of lingerie shopper who will seek an ever better deal and try to knock off a few pounds.

These will typically be younger women who'll ask if the store has a discount system for students.

For those keen to join the company, Aneesah revealed the brand was hiring – though she did add: ''I get why ppl leave [sic].''

Viewers were in hysterics, with many taking it to comments.

''I got sacked from marksies [crying emoji],'' revealed a former employee.

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''Atleast I don’t hv to say “do u hv ur sparks card with u” anymore [sic].''

''I work at m&s too the sparks triggers ptsd [sic],'' another added, whilst a third wrote: ''Glad i left that job [sic].''

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