I work at Hooters & rake in £3,000 a week in tips alone people are stunned and ask for my secrets but it’s pretty easy | The Sun

A HOOTER'S WAITRESS has revealed how she makes over £3,000 a week in tips alone on the job.

Jona, 22, who lives in Massachusetts in the US shared a realistic and 'slow' week of making money.

The Hooters uniform is known for its large logo and sexy fit, but the waitress and bartender revealed that isn't the reason she makes the big bucks.

In fact, the waitress who has worked at Hooters for four years revealed it's easy to make bank while serving chicken as it's all about being confidence and chatty.

In a recent video she revealed that she made over £3,000 ($3,772) in a week as she showcased the wad of notes left for her by customers at the end of each night.

“[I made] $320 on a slow Monday,” said Jona.


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Working behind the bar the next day, a “very, very slow” Tuesday night, earned the server siren an additional $436.

She went on to stash another $431 while waitressing on Wednesday, $650 during her shift Thursday, $514 on Friday, $820 as a Saturday night bartender. 

Jona closed out the week with a $601 pull Sunday. 

“That total was $3,772 in one week,” she boasted in the caption of her video. 

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The video has since gone viral with over 700k views and over 115k likes.

People were stunned by how much the waitress made, leading Jona to make another video explaining what to do.

In the video she revealed she made a 100% tip from one table who spent $280 on food and another $280 tipping her.

She revealed that the main reason she makes such good tips is because a lot of her customers are regulars and have gotten to know her.

Jona added: "Not to toot my own horn but I'm a very charismatic person, I walk around this restaurant singing and dancing the whole time.

"Not every girl is doing that and they aren't making that kind of money."

"You have to put on a show," she added, "Trust me, I know the stereotypes around Hooters.

"I don't flirt with these men, I don't do any of that."

The video went viral with over 100k views, one wrote: "Step 1: be attractive. Step 2: be nice."

"Summed up," replied Jona.

Another commented: "She is 100% correct."

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"Very true I tip more the better the service," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Your personality definitely has something to do with it but you and I both know it’s all about your looks."

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