I whiten my teeth with shampoo, people say it’s dangerous but I don’t care, my dentist thinks they look amazing

A NAIL TECHNICIAN has revealed how she whitened her teeth using purple shampoo, despite warnings about the dangers.

Saskia Ward, 24, claims she does it most nights and that even her dentist has said they look amazing.

While purple shampoo is often used to tone blonde hair – to neutralize brassy and yellow tones, Saskia decided to use it on her teeth.

She recalls seeing an advert for purple toothpaste and refused to accept it wasn't the same thing as her shampoo.

Saskia, from Manchester, said: “I put a tiny bit on my toothbrush and prayed my teeth wouldn't turn purple.

“I went to my dentist for a check-up recently and he gave me nothing but praise for how amazing my teeth looked.


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“I get loads of comments on nights out about how white they are.

“Purple shampoo doesn’t taste great but beauty leads you to do some wild things and I’m up for anything.”

Saskia Ward lathers purple shampoo onto her teeth most nights before bed to make them glisten when she wakes up.

Due to her job in the beauty industry, she's often trying out new beauty 'hacks'.

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The nail tech has composite veneers on top of her real teeth but thinks the hack would work for natural teeth too.

Saskia posted the idea to her TikTok where the video has garnered over 100,000 views.

And some were keen to try it, asking “Is this legit? Because I will do it," said one, and another asked, "it won’t stain or anything will it?”

But experts have warned not to attempt the hack.

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Speaking to the Mirror, Dr Khaled Kasem, Chief Orthodontist at Impress dental services, has cautioned others against following Saskia's example.

He said: "It should come as no surprise when we say shampoo should not be coming anywhere near your mouth."

He explained ingesting shampoo can have serious implications for your health, doing more harm than good, and the ingredients wouldn't lift deep-set stains on your teeth.

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However, one hairdresser who saw Saskia's video was less than impressed.

She quipped: “Girl, you better be joking. As a hairdresser, I’ve seen everything now.”

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