I went years without a toilet in my renovated van – now I can’t imagine life without my compost potty, it doesn’t smell | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has revealed she's gone multiple years without a toilet in her home.

She said thanks to some upgrades, she simply can't imagine life without her composting potty in her van.

Scarlet (@scarletandseth) shared the video with over 330,000 TikTok followers.

She explained that when she and her partner first moved into their van, they had to make do without a toilet.

"We went without a toilet but now that we have one, we couldn't imagine our lives without it," she said.

She showed off the Cuddy, their composting toilet that's not only multi-purpose but also slides into their wall to save space.

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"Having a composting toilet has been a GAMECHANGER. It has a holding tank for liquids and a bin and agitator for solids," she explained.

"The process is super natural and I know it may be hard to believe but it really doesn't smell."

Once they were done with their trips to the bathroom, they simply slid the toilet back into the wall, closed the stainless steel door behind it, and locked it up to prevent messy spills.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on their potty situation.

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Many were impressed by their setup: "I love this! Wish the waterproof toilet door was a little easier to unlock – having to use that little tool in times of crisis would give me anxiety," said one commenter.

"I really love how you made the little compartment to slide the toilet in and out of, that is just so convenient and nice," said another.

Others had loads of questions for the couple: "Can you explain the agitator more please? So what happens when you twist that thingy? Super new to this lol," said one curious viewer.

"It basically churns the compost and helps it break down faster by exposing it to oxygen! It also covers up the last 'deposit,'" Scarlet explained.

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