I went out for dinner with my dad but trolls said my trousers were ‘inappropriate’ – I think they’re sophisticated | The Sun

A UNI student has been left feeling staggered after being attacked for wearing "inappropriate" clothes.

She was due to go out for dinner with her dad when trolls said she should reconsider the bottom half of her outfit.

Keyboard warriors said her trousers were not befitting for a family night out.

But this feisty lady couldn't see what the problem was.

As far as Bethany Raynex (@bethanyraynex) was concerned, they were "sophisticated."

She has 154,000 loyal followers but has attracted the odd detractor.

In her post, she was bewildered by the troll's jibes, who said: “Inappropriate trousers for dinner with your dad in my opinion may I say.”

She was wearing a cropped, midriff-baring long-sleeved top, with pair of leather pants with cut-outs on the hips.

“I was literally going to wear this little black dress with some nude tights and some boots," she said.

“And I was like no, I’ll wear trousers. This is literally sophisticated in my point of view," she said defiantly.

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Her post has had 17,000 likes and a lot of support.

Commenters said there was nothing wrong with her outfit.

“It’s not inappropriate at all," said one person.

Another agreed: “My dad would not care less if I wore those out with him. There’s nothing wrong with them.”

This person shared their view: “Why are people sexualizing this girl for going out to dinner with her dad? They are the problem.”

Don't change, was the reaction of this commenter: “Wear what you want. It’s not their choice.”

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