I went into labour without ever being pregnant – I didn’t know it was possible and it was the worst pain of my life | The Sun

GOING into labour is probably one of the most painful experiences of a woman's life.

But after all that pain you're blessed with a beautiful baby girl or boy.

So it’s worth it right?

Imagine how you would feel if you went into labour without ever being pregnant.

Well that exactly want happened to Holly.

In a recent video online she shared her story.

Holly said: “Here’s the story about how I went into labour with every being pregnant.”

Holly had decided that she wanted to come off hormonal birth control and get the copper T, the non hormonal IUD.

Holly’s gynecologist discussed the procedure with her and explained it would be painful.

Holly said: “I was like I got a pretty high pain tolerance, I’ll be fine.”

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Afterwards Holly’s gynecologist performed the procedure.

Holly’s gynecologist told her she would feel cramping for the next 10 minutes and let Holly know that the nurse would come in and check on her.

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When the nurse came five minutes later Holly was in extreme pain to the point where she was hurling.

Holly said: “I was like give me a bag I’m going to throw up. So she hands me a bag and I start vomiting.”

Holly continued: “At this point I start to see black and I’m like I might pass out and I do.”

Holly said she then lost feeling in her arms or legs.

Holly said: “I was sweating profusely.”

Holly tried moving in different positions to help with the pain but nothing worked.

Holly said: “And then I start to feel something that I have only ever heard explained in movies. But I knew that I was having contractions.”

The nurse then asked if seizures ran in Holly’s family as her hands and her feet were locking up.

The nurse then called the doctor back in.

After looking at Holly the doctor said: “We gotta take this out now.” 

The doctor performed an emergency extraction.

It turns out the IUD had gotten placed on a nerve which was incredibly rare.

Holly said: “She [the doctor] said she had only ever seen this one other time her career.”

The placement of the IUD sent Holly into labour.

Her body was trying to push it out like a baby. Holly was even dilated.

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Holly said: “She [the doctor] said I would already have an epidural by then if I was pregnant.”

Viewers were shocked by Holly’s story one said: “At this point I don't think we should be shoving ANYTHING up there.”

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