I was told I’m ‘too old’ for my dress by a random lady – but I won’t stop wearing it, people say I look ‘incredible’ | The Sun

A WOMAN chastised for not 'dressing her age', has responded in the best possible way.

She has refused to bend to the views of others and has instead vowed to continue dressing just how she wants.

TikToker Kendra Adams (@beautyisfearless) is living up to her tag name.

As far as she is concerned the 'Karens' of this world need to move on and get used to her fashion choices.

A "Karen" is a term used by some to describe middle-class white women who look down on others.

Kendra, however, has no intention of submitting to anyone else's dress code.

The forty-something mom's platform mission is all about: “Making waves, teaching women to be bad*sses.”

She managed to epitomize this in her post with oodles of sass.

In her video, Kendra wore a white tank top and black trousers and her hair was tossed casually on top.

As she struggled to loosen her hair, the shot changed to Kendra, hair tied back and face expertly made up – and this time she was wearing the 'offending' dress.

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The black figure-hugging T-shirt dress, had a logo across the chest, with slits cut out along the thigh and shoulder line.

“A lady told me I was too old to wear this shirt," mused Kendra.

"Ummmm, it’s a dress. Get it right," she said.

Comments to her post were incredulous at her detractor's attitude.

“No way. You look incredible," gushed one fan.

Another viewer dressed similarly and wasn't about to change anytime soon: “I have four just like it. I am proudly 51 years old and if they don’t like it, then don’t look. Rock'n'roll," she said.

“I think her name is 'Karen,' ha ha, you go girl," joked another.

The final comment said there was nothing wrong with her dress: “You look beautiful. Haters gonna hate," she reasoned.

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