I was tired of being overweight so joined the gym – I lost 140 lbs naturally in a year women say I'm their 'inspiration' | The Sun

A WOMAN'S transformational weight loss journey has been called inspirational by her followers.

They have expressed their admiration for this young lady who turned her life around.

Emma's (@emmaa.getsfitt) story, and her determination to help others lose weight, have seen her gain a huge following of 544,000.

Her extraordinary achievement was hard-won.

Before she took her monumental decision to take back control, she was feeling, "ashamed, insecure, like a failure, and defeated."

In her post, she shared her story.

She looked unrecognizable in the images.

"I was tired of being overweight," she confessed.

"Fine," she thought, "I’ll do it myself and I did something about it.”

That decision was to change her life.

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Within a year she lost 140 lbs naturally, through good nutrition and exercise.

“I am feeling the best ever," she said.

Comments to her post were both in awe of her but also very happy that she achieved her goals.

Along the way, she has inspired her followers.

“Amazing. Such an inspiration” said this fan.

“Wow you’ve got my respect," wrote another.

Finally, there were not enough superlatives for this impressed viewer: “Amazing, incredible transformation. You should feel proud of how far you’ve come and you’re insiring others by sharing your story."

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