I was mum-shamed by the 'food police' for my son's packed lunch – so can YOU spot what's wrong with it? | The Sun

A MUM who shared a video of her son's delicious packed lunch was attacked by the 'food police' who slammed her for giving him so much sugar.

Blogger Amy regularly documents the things she makes for her son on her Yummy Toddler Food page.

She recently posted a video of herself packing up his lunchbox full of a sandwich, some strawberries, a small chocolate brownie, a handful of carrot sticks and a pot of dip.

Amy also added a cute note on top of the dip which read "(heart) you".

But one person commenting on the Reel was unimpressed by her selection, writing: "Wow, what an UNHEALTHY LUNCH.

"Full of refined sugars and additives. You should be completely ashamed!"

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Hitting back, Amy insisted: "NEVER let anyone shame you for feeding your kids.

"Know that this sort of message is diet culture and it’s not connected to your reality – or mine – or even facts.

"And because I’ve been doing this job so long, I’m at the point where I don’t feel anything but pride for feeding my family every darn day.

"It’s hard! We’re all doing it! Kids will get all sorts of food messages out in the world so in my house – and in my online presence – I do not spread shame. And I do not accept it from others.

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"The words we use to talk about food to our kids will become the way they think about food, their bodies, and often their self-worth. It matters how we talk about food and teach our kids.

"I call food what it is, so a brownie is a 'brownie' not 'refined sugar'.

"I offer a mix of foods throughout the week, I model eating and preparing a mix of foods so the kids see it regularly…

"We can eat all kinds of foods. We can enjoy our foods. We do not have to lean on shame. I certainly won’t.

"Lunch can just be lunch and fed is always best."

And the majority of people in the comments took Amy's side, with one writing: "That lunch looks good . I don't see a problem with the brownie it's for a child and they always want just one treat in their lunch.

"She balanced it with carrots and strawberries."

"I’m a teacher and I’ve eaten the cafeteria," another added.

"This is way healthier then what they serve. I honestly think this is a very healthy lunch for a growing kid."

"I don’t understand why it even concerns her?" a third questioned.

"It’s not her kid? People get on my nerves how much they judge other people.

"And it’s usually mums judging other mums."

"At this point Mom’s should unite.. dude, I’m too tired to be cooking a meal sometimes," someone else sighed.


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As another added: "I love this! I think it looks relatively healthy and like something kiddos will actually enjoy.

"The best part is that you are showing love by packing a lunch for you babies."

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