I was left stunned when builders renovated my kitchen after they got the wrong house – AGAIN | The Sun

RENOVATIONS of any kind usually take months of planning and organising.

But this woman managed to skip all that stressful stuff when a group of builders accidentally renovated her kitchen, despite her never hiring them.

Chloe Fountain was stunned and confused when she got home to discover protective carpet laid out in her hallway and a group of builders had at work in her kitchen.

What's even more strange is this isn't the first time this has happened to the tiktoker, who previously has work done to her garden after workers showed up at the wrong house.

She posted a clip of the incident of TikTok, saying: ""Why does it keep happening? Workers came to the wrong house again."

The workers don't even notice her walk in and carry on drilling as she tells them that they're in the wrong house.

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When they finally realised the huge mistake they'd made Chloe showed a clip of one of the workers outside on the phone to his boss, which must've been a bit of an awkward conversation.

Chloe revealed that her old worktops were wooden, so she's more than happy to pay the bill for the granite upgrade.

"I paid for it, I love it thanks – love mistakes," she joked in the video.

She told Daily Star: "They put granite in my kitchen. So where I live, the homes are all 'cookie cutters', they're all the exact same layout.

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"I was out grocery shopping and I don't lock my door. I live in a little town bordering Detroit, super safe."

Viewers of the video were in disbelief that the same thing happened twice, one said: "They can't charge you if it's a mistake, because if they did you could take them to court."

Another joked: "If this happens too often maybe YOU'RE IN THE WRONG HOUSE!"

And a third quipped: "You're living the life!"

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