I was getting Starbucks when a gust of wind caused the most embarrassing moment – my husband pointed out the worst part | The Sun

A STARBUCKS fan was just enjoying her coffee run in a cute dress when the weather took a turn — and so did her mood.

Terri-Ann Michelle Perras was able to laugh about the whole thing, but that doesn't mean she wasn't embarrassed.

Earlier that day, Terri-Ann (@terriannmichelle) was feeling herself, posting a TikTok of her outfit.

"Do you ever dress up just to remind your husband that he didn't marry a homeless scragglemuffin?" the mom of four wrote.

She posed for the camera after swapping sweats for a knee-length green dress featuring a bow and keyhole cutout at the chest.

But her flouncy frock betrayed her a little while later when she headed to Starbucks.

"I just went into Starbucks to get a coffee," she began in her car, holding the cup up in front of her.

"And on my way out of the store, I had my breakfast sandwich in one hand and my coffee in another.

"And a gust of wind frickin' took my whole dress up, like almost to my frickin t*ts," she said with a laugh.

Laughing through the embarrassment, she shook her head as her husband climbed into the passenger seat.

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"I gave everyone a show," she added.

That's when her husband chimed in with something that would make the whole situation worse.

"And you're not even wearing underwear," he said, eliciting another laugh from Terri-Ann.

"I'd pay a lot for security footage of that moment," she added in the video's caption, adding in a comment that her husband "thoroughly enjoyed it."

"LOL he loved the show. So did the entire SB staff," she wrote.

Fortunately, it wasn't actually quite as bad as her husband said — Terri-Ann insisted that she was, in fact, wearing underwear during the accidental flashing.

And luckily for Terri-Ann, she isn't the only woman who may be a bit wary of wind after a wardrobe malfunction.

One Walmart shopper "had the most embarrassing moment of [her] entire life" while exiting the store in a red floral flowy mini skirt.

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Worse, she said, a grandpa and her teenage grandson saw the whole thing.

And a New Yorker revealed why she is always embarrassed to wear maxi skirts on windy days.

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