I was fuming after another woman told my son to stop crying as her baby was asleep, but people say I'M in the wrong | The Sun

A MOTHER explained that her son started crying on the train and she was fuming when another woman came over and asked him to keep the noise down as her baby was sleeping.

She told how her son started kicking up a fuss when she took her phone off him.

The other mother came over and asked the boy to be quiet as her baby was snoozing in a buggy nearby.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: "Yesterday I was coming home from a day out with [my son], aged 3 on the train.

"We had been out all morning and he was in top form but by the time we got on the train he was understandably tired.

"It was a modern train you can walk through with no doors and spacious, wide aisles but still some seats free and no one had to stand.

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"[My son] was in the window seat and was standing up so I asked him to sit down and to keep him occupied I gave him my phone to watch a video with on silent so as not to disturb the other passengers.

"When we were nearly at our stop, I asked for my phone to check the time of our connection and he proceeded to cry as he was watching a cartoon.

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"A mum who was sat behind me heard all this and came to the aisle, bent down beside us, leaned in.

"I thought she was going to offer [my son] a toy or a sweet to cheer him up but instead and said: 'Do you think you could be quiet? My baby is asleep'.

"I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not be asking him to stop crying and that we have a baby at home too.

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"She isn’t the first person to have a baby asleep on public transport.

"She could easily have walked the baby in the buggy further down the train."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in and share their opinions, but very few sided with the annoyed mum.

One said: "It's a bit unusual but to be honest your reaction sounds worse!"

Another said: "You over-reacted."

A third said: "Sometimes a little distraction from a stranger is exactly what it takes to stop a tantrum in its tracks.

"I assume that's all she was trying to do and was trying to help you.

"No need for you to be rude."

Another said: "I’m sure all the other passengers enjoyed the sound of your son crying if you weren’t even going to attempt to stop him."

While another person said: "Huge overreaction – on your part."

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And someone else agreed: "A stranger politely asking your son to stop crying and explaining why is fine.

"She may have been trying to help you. For all you know her baby could sleep through anything!"

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