I was dress-coded in the gym – they said my outfit was ‘unsanitary,’ it makes no sense | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her outrage after she got dress-coded at the gym and couldn't make any sense of it.

Emily McCord, a lifestyle content creator, shared the experience in a video with over 2,500 TikTok followers.

"POV you got dress coded at your gym bc your outfit isn't 'sanitary,'" she captioned.

She posed in front of a mirror in her outfit — a green two-piece workout top and leggings.

She panned the camera down to reveal gym-appropriate sneakers.

Using her fingers to approximate the skin that could be seen from her top, she demonstrated that it was a few mere inches.

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Emily used audio to demonstrate her confusion — "What? Huh?" a girl asked in the sound.

"The girl was really nice about it but this makes no sense," she said.

Other women have shared their experiences getting dress-coded for seemingly no reason at their gyms.

One woman expressed her frustration for being asked to cover up despite sporting a gym-appropriate outfit.

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She was mid-workout when an employee asked her to put on a shirt over her sports bra — despite a heatwave going through her town.

"Literally no one's even in there, I'm up there minding my own business, working out, and you come there and decide you're comfortable or whatever, and you tell me to put on a shirt?" she asked.

Her followers rushed to show their support, equally confused by the treatment she received.

"A sports bra is a workout shirt!" said one commenter.

"Women in my gym wear them all the time. I would have asked to see the policy in writing!"

"Since when do gyms have a dress code, and if so what you are wearing has you completely covered!" agreed another.

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