I was dress coded in a beach bar over my bikini – I knew security were talking about me but they can go f**k themselves | The Sun

A REALITY TV star has slammed security at a beach bar for dress coding her and even teased they would’ve had a real reason to kick her out if they searched her bag. 

Naomi Tibbles was wearing a bikini and crochet trousers to sit at a bar overlooking the beach and claimed it was a “roughed up” venue anyway.

The 28-year-old – who appeared on dating show The Real Love Boat Australia – knew security were talking about her before they approached her.

She said the guards “can go f**k themselves” following the exchange in what she called a “very mediocre pub”. 

However, Naomi had the last laugh by revealing she was carrying a pink dildo in her bag and would understand if security had kicked her out on the grounds of that. 

She was having a “mental health day” and decided to treat herself to a day trip before things kicked off.

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The reality TV personality ferried to a tropical island just off the coast of Brisbane, Australia where she is from. 

She was “sweating bullets” after doing a three kilometre walk in 35 degree heat and decided to stop for a drink at a beach bar on the island. 

Naomi had been sitting at the bar for 20 minutes before a security guard approached and dress coded her.

She recalled: “I knew that they were talking about me because they kept watching me and radioing to each other and it was real sus. 

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“I was like, ‘what do they think that I am?’

“Turns out he wants to have a talk about what I’m wearing.

“The first thing the security guard says to me is, ‘we have a dress code here’.”

He also pointed out that flip flops were a no go in the venue, but Naomi pointed out that her shoes are sandals and not flip flops. 

She continued: “Then he tells me, ‘we’re a family establishment’.

“Yeah cool, and I’m sitting in the bar where there’s no children allowed.

“The only two children I can see are all the way on the other end of the f*****g restaurant… which I’m not in.

“And this mother f****r says, ‘do you have something to cover yourself?’ and I said ‘no, I don’t actually’ because I’m on a f*****g island and I was just on the beach.

“We’re on a f*****g beach island.”

Naomi then proceeded to show off her “really cool” outfit and said security “can go f**k themselves”. 

She was wearing a bikini with crochet trousers over the top, sandals and a cowboy hat. 

However, Naomi’s rant didn’t stop there.

She added: “I’m so lucky they didn’t see the pink dildo that I packed in my bag today.

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