I was called into HR for 'freeing the tatas' at work – people say they shouldn’t be looking anyway | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the awkward moment she was called into her HR manager's office for "freeing the tatas" at work.

She explained the encounter in a TikTok video that had people saying they shouldn't have been looking anyway.

TikTok user Couldnthinkofcreativname (@couldnthinkofcreativname) is a self-described "fat vegetarian" and "real housewife in training."

Her quirky humor extends to her videos, where she shares random moments in her life.

She shared one specific encounter with her audience and was called in by HR for her visible nipples through her shirt.

The way the situation was handled did not go the way most people would expect.

For the course of the video, she filmed herself in the mirror at her job.

She wore a stylish tan coat, a sleeveless off-white turtleneck dress shirt, and black slacks that showed off her curvy shape.

At first glance, viewers can't notice her nipples peeking through the shirt, but when she zooms in, it's apparent.

The content creator explained the situation in further detail in the video's caption.

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She clarified from the start that she was not in trouble and said they understood that nipples sometimes get hard.

"HR manager only wanted to know pain scale but did suggest that I obviously make an effort to cover them in meetings and work events," she wrote.

She concluded the statement by praising the person for "not demonizing lady bits and body jewelry."

Many people had mixed reactions concerning the situation and made it apparent in the comment section.

"Can we just take a minute to appreciate the HR person. That was probably the hardest talk she has ever had to have with an employee," one viewer commented.

"They are not even supposed to look at you, just your results on paper. Corporations I swear lol," another chimed in.

"When HR said that, you should've said no, I'm gonna dress how I want to dress down there. My face is up here. No one should be looking down there," a fan added.

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