I wanted a new hairdo so cut myself ‘baby bangs’ – it went so wrong so take my mistake as your biggest beauty warning | The Sun

BABY bangs are one of TikTok’s favourite hairstyles – and given that everyone from Bella Hadid to Beyoncé has tried out a mini fringe, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty trendy look. 

But it’s vital to get the length perfect, or the chop quickly goes high fashion to absolute disaster. 

It’s a lesson that one poor TikToker has learned all too well, after her DIY attempt at baby bangs didn’t quite go to plan. 

Roni, who uses the handle @roni._.sick_dabbbbs on the app, has racked up 4.3m likes on a clip of her giving herself a quick trim. 

FIlming herself face on, Roni began by twisting a few strands of her curly locks at the front of her forehead, to separate the portion that would become the fringe. 

Using a pair of kids’ scissors, she then raised her eyebrows, before chopping the hair worryingly closely to the roots. 

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A look of horror immediately came across her face, as her curls sprung up and she was left what can only be described as a micro fringe. 

Roni sat holding her chopped tresses and blinking in shock, clearly instantly regretting her impromptu decision. 

She then combed out the supposed fringe, revealing an inch-long, uber-thin layer jutting across her forehead. 

Roni posted the hilarious clip, pointing out her “small lips of concertation” while she completed the botch job and adding the hashtag “haircut fail”. 

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Disbelieving viewers ran to the comments to question what possessed Roni to carry out the rash chop. 

“You did everything you’re not supposed to when cutting your own bangs,” one users wrote. 

“Why do people not have common sense when cutting bangs,” another added. 

Others noted that she’d neglected the well-known fringe-cutting rule, to “always start lower and WORK YOUR WAY UP”. 

And plenty had little sympathy for Roni, with more than one commenting along the times of “girl, now what did you expect”. 

It’s not the only hilarious hairy situation that’s been making TikTok viewers giggle recently. 

Another user posted the dreadful chop she got when she asked her new hairdresser for a wavy bob, with cheeky viewers comparing her mop to Lewis Capaldi’s. 

And a man who put a carrier bag over his hair while his bleach develops recently left viewers in hysterics after revealing that the Home Depot label had transferred to his head.


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