I wailed with disappointment after spotting a penis on my 20-week baby scan

But now one devastated mum-to-be has revealed she actually WAILED when she found out she was having a boy instead of the girl she secretly wanted.

In a personal essay for Mama Mia, the disappointed mum revealed how she wanted to recreate the "special relationship" she had with her own mother as a child.

She wrote: "I listened to her speak about the bond with her own mother the same way so I wanted to be another link in the chain."

However, the Australian woman was overjoyed when she had a baby boy four years ago after a year of trying to get pregnant.

But despite the fact that her son is "like me in so many ways and we fully understand each other", the mum couldn't help but hope that her second and last child would be a baby girl.

She wrote: "My husband and I had only ever wanted two children. From the start I convinced myself that this child was a boy because I didn't want to believe it could be a girl.

"I told everyone (including myself) that it didn't matter what the baby's sex was, that I would be thrilled regardless."

But when it came round to finding out the baby's sex, the expectant mum was overcome with emotion.

She added: "Yet when I saw that tiny penis on my 20 week scan, I wailed."

Unable to process the news, the anonymous woman recalls how she "wrote a letter to the 'daughter I would never have'" and soak it "in floods of tears".

Describing herself as "abrasive", the mum said she would lash out at anyone who asked her if she had wanted a girl.

In the privacy of her own home, the mum continued to research "gender disappointment" and was not in the least surprised when she learnt that "as many as one in five women feel disappointed when they expect one sex and find out they are having another."

And while she couldn't care less about "tutus and ponytails", the mum added: "When I think about why I want a female child, I look into my future and imagine my daughter and I as adults together.

"Deep (often tipsy) discussions, shopping trips and maybe even one day guiding my daughter through her own pregnancy and motherhood."

Despite only ever wanting to have two children, the Australian mum is now considering having "sex selection" IVF which is only available in the US and costs upwards of £11,300.

Describing how her partner is coping with the news, the woman added: "My husband is happy with the boys we have and is devastated at the thought of spending so much money to choose the baby's sex.

"But with every logical argument or realisation of how crazy this is, my brain bites back with an insatiable desire to have a girl."

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