I used to work at Brandy Melville – why we take customer pics & it's not bad

AN ex-Brandy Melville employee has claimed that the brand takes pictures of customers and sends them to the head office.

The TikTok user who claimed to have worked in the label’s store said they were used for inspiration – and it’s not all bad.

Emily Vannoten explained in her video that employees were encouraged to single out and photograph “cute” customers when they entered the store.

She suggested their styles were sent on to head designers to inspire new clothes.

She wrote over the clip: “Working @ brandy melville & having to take photos of cute customers fits to send to head office which is why the clothes look similar to other brands.”

In the comments, Emily clarified that employees always had permission from the person to take a photo.

“I mean that while working you had to go up to girls in cute fits, ask to take their photo so we could send it to head office for ‘inspo.”

According to Emily, staff were also photographed for a similar reason.

“They took pics of each employee’s fit each day too and sent it to head office to make sure we were dressing the part,” she detailed in a later comment.

Users were quick to verify Emily’s claims, with many sharing stories of having their photos taken at Brandy Melville.

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“This happened to me a lot when I would go in there,” claimed one user.

“Once I wore a vintage gingham set and the same pants were made like a month later.”

Another alleged:“My friend got her custom ring copied when we used to work there! They were selling it like a week later.”

Users also said they were surprised by which styles caught the attention of staff.

“They got me in a zelly top ronnie tank and plaid shorts once,” recalled one user. “I was like, is this really that revolutionary?”

Another added: “Asked me where i got my gildan hoodie and cargo pants im sorry gang LMAO.

“Happened to me but everything i was wearing was already brandy,” stated another.

According to Emily, most people were more than happy to have their photo taken, and she “never had anyone say no.”

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Furthermore, she suggested that having a good sense of style is always a great gateway into employment at the store.

She quipped in the comments: “No joke, also a good way to get a job there!”

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