I used the TikTok make-up filter and was ready to hate it – the crazy contour was not for me… but then I tried it | The Sun

A MAKE-UP whizz has weighed in on whether the viral TikTok contour filter actually works.

Sceptical Iman Sabrina wanted to see if she could get an “instant facelift” by following AI recommendations on where to place concealer, blusher and contour. 

The content creator quipped: “I have never contoured like this a day in my life.

“Being honest, this placement is not a bit of me.

“I don’t have enough forehead space for the forehead contour.

“But we’re gonna see if this filter can give me an instant facelift or not.”

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Iman started off by doing her eyebrows and then applying her foundation.

Once the base was laid, she began contouring with the placements recommended by the TikTok filter. 

She narrated: “I never contour this low, so this is a bit weird.

“I’m gonna try and do my forehead as accurately as possible.”

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Iman also contoured her nose and jowls according to the filter, before going in with concealer to highlight certain features.

She said: “I’m actually really surprised that there’s no forehead highlight. 

“Like, one thing about me: I need to highlight my forehead.”

However, Iman stuck with the filter and continued to highlight just her nose.

The make-up whizz noted: “I hate highlighting my nose like this.

“This shape does not suit my nose contour at all.

“It’s gonna just make my nose look longer.”

One of the weirdest guides from the filter was to drag the blusher all the way down to the top of the lip. 

When it was time to blend, Iman started by blending the contour out with a brush. 

She followed this up with blending in the blusher and then the concealer. 

While blending, she said: “This is not enough concealer for me, so I’m probably gonna have to apply some more. 

“I normally use quite a bit. 

“So this is gonna be fun.”

However, moments later, Iman admitted she may have to “eat her words” after liking the way the finished result looked. 

Once the powder had been applied, she affirmed: “I would most definitely use this technique all over again.

“I don’t even think I need to say anything.

“I think my skin just speaks for itself… She's looking perfect.”

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