I tried the new McDonald’s festive menu – there’s a revolting burger that tastes like feet but a star of the show side | The Sun

A FOOD fan has revealed that she tried the new McDonald’s festive menu – and was left with very mixed reviews.

The new menu, which hit stores only yesterday, has sent foodies wild – but many are totally divided.

One woman took to social media to share her verdict on the new fast food items, as she revealed that there’s a revolting burger that tastes like feet, but a star of the show side that you must try.

Not only this, but McDonald’s fan Katie Griffiths, 23, also explained that the new Galaxy caramel pie has “changed [her] life”, so if you’re a fan of the classic apple pie, you might want to give this new chocolate version a try. 

Sharing her thoughts online, Katie said: “So I'm at McDonald's – needed this to cheer me up.

“I am trying the festive menu.”

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Katie first got her hands on the new Galaxy Caramel Mcflurry, as she observed: “They were generous with the toppings.”

As she tried the sweet treat, she said: “It's not an overwhelming flavour. It's nice.”

However, things soon looked up with the new Galaxy caramel pie, as she added: “I'm really excited for this.

“That's the one. Mcflurry gets a two and a half out of five, this gets a five.”

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But when Katie tried the new Big & Cheesy, she was left very unimpressed.

Holding up the large burger, she claimed: “This one is huge. Nearly as big as my forehead.

“They do one with bacon, but I just think bacon from McDonald's is so mid. So I got it without. 

“It’s got red onions and stuff in it. I don't know what the sauce is though.

“It tastes like feet to me. I'm not sure on that cheese sauce. I'm gonna rate that 1.5.”

However, she then tried the Chicken Big Mac, as she continued: “I've actually never tried one of these before.

“I really like that. I give that a four out of five.”

Finally, Katie gave her verdict on the Cheese Melt Dippers, as she concluded: “Absolute star of the show. 

“Five out of five.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @katie.gri, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 107,900 views in just 19 hours.

Social media users were eager to share their thoughts in the comments, as many also weren’t keen on the Big & Cheesy. 

One person said: “Great video, I was hoping the burger had big tasty or Big Mac sauce. Wasn’t a fan of the cheese sauce and processed cheese.”

In response, Katie replied: “It was grim wasn't it.” 

Another added: “Was a little confused by the burger! Whose idea was that?! Just didn’t even taste anything but cheese.”

Whilst a third claimed: “They need to take more care when making the Mcflurrys.”

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