I trained my massive F-cup boobs to go braless – I now never wear one, they aren’t saggy and it’s WAY comfier

YOU may have been told that if you have big boobs then you'll always have to imprison them in a bra.

But that couldn't be further from the truth, and one fashion fan has revealed how and why you should stop wearing one.

Casee Brim, from Australia, often shares content helping women with larger busts feel confident in themselves along with styling tips.

In a video posted to her account, she revealed how she trained her boobs to go bra-free.

Although a natural F-cup, Casee hasn't worn a bra in a long time and she explained why.

She said: "The science behind training the girls to go bra-free to make them more perky is pretty simple.


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"If you're wearing a bra all day, all the time, you are relying on that bra to give the support, the skin isn't even engaged, the muscle isn't engaged.

"Whereas, if you try and train your girls to go bra-free more often, the muscles are engaged."

That means they're lifting the boobs and actually working, which over time makes your boobs perkier.

"It's not an alternative to getting a surgical breast lift,' she adds.

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"It won't give you those kinds of results, but it definitely does make what you have and what you're working with a bit more perkier, a bit more firmer.

"A bit easier to wrangle if you will," Casee jokes.

She said there will always be the occasion where you might want some added support using a bra or boob tape, but she said since training her boobs to go bra-free, she rarely wears one.

And she has no desire to start wearing them again.

Many viewers were grateful for Casee's tips and even recommended their own.

One wrote: "Thank you! I heard some chest exercises at the gym help too."

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Another commented: "Why are we even wearing them!!! Like actually…"

"Also, push-ups and bench presses!! Builds the muscle underneath and above and pulls the girls up," added a third user.

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