I took my 16-year-old daughter to get a secret nose job – my husband wasn't impressed & says she looks ugly now

GETTING cosmetic surgery is a major decision for anyone to make.

But how do you decide what to do when your young child says they want to get surgery?

Well, one woman was left unsure what to do when her 16-year-old daughter said she wanted to get a nose job.

Eventually the woman decided to take her daughter for the procedure, but her husband was not happy.

While many are shocked that the woman took her daughter for the procedure, behind her husband’s back, now the girl’s father is the one who has come under fire for his shocking reaction to finding out what she’d done.

So who do you think is in the wrong? 

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Taking to Reddit, the woman explained that her 16-year-old daughter has suffered from chronic sinusitis all her life.

But after she had septoplasty surgery to correct her breathing, it left her self-conscious about the appearance of her nose.

The mum explained: “(The surgeon) did warn us that the surgery could make her nose look wider and she was afraid of that but agreed to do it because she couldn’t handle not being able to breathe.

“The healing from the surgery was hell but afterwards she could breathe significantly better.

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“The surgery did make her nose much wider and it didn’t fit her face as well compared to her pre-surgery nose. She complained and hated her nose but my husband and I told her to give it some time.”

After two years, the woman’s daughter asked for a rhinoplasty to get her nose back to pre-surgery shape for her birthday. 

While the mum agreed, her husband had a very different opinion. 

The woman continued: “My husband was very against it and told us only sluts get rhinoplasty and he won’t let our daughter get plastic surgery.

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“We had lots of fights until I just took her to get her nose fixed. 

“In my mind it’s not really a cosmetic procedure if it’s to correct what the previous surgery caused.”

But while the father would be within his rights to be upset he didn’t know the surgery was happening, his reaction has got people talking.

She added: “My husband tells her she is ugly now because she has got plastic surgery and she has yelled at him for it.

“I probably should have known he would react like this because he is very conservative and against all plastic surgery.”

Reddit users were appalled at the husband’s behaviour and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Your husband used that term? And now he calls her ugly? Nobody, I mean nobody speaks to my daughter like that, I don’t care if he is her father. That would be the end of that, your daughter does not need that man in her life.

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Another added: “Your daughter’s nose became disfigured due to a medical procedure. You allowed her to have reconstructive surgery to return the nose to it’s natural shape. Your husband’s opinion is not based on ANY facts – it’s based on ignorance.” 

A third commented: “Generally I'm not for plastic surgery (but to each their own) but in this case it was a surgery that caused an unnatural look, it kind of makes sense to want to fix it. To me it's like if you got a prosthetic hand because you lost yours for medical reasons, and then being told "Only sluts need both hands.” 

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