I thought I would save £1.6K by doing my own hair extensions at home… I was mortified when I saw the final result | The Sun

A BEAUTY lover was mortified after seeing the results of her own DIY hair extensions.

With prices skyrocketing and millions struggling to make ends meet, finding ways to spend less has never been more important – whether it means cutting down on your daily Starbucks consumption or buying lower quality food.

Beauty lovers have also been affected by the crisis – and trying to save as much as possible, one woman gave herself a makeover at home.

Unfortunately, however, things didn't go too well, and she decided to share the major fail on social media.

Wanting to give her hair more length and volume, Emily Pesch, from Austin, Texas, decided that extensions would be the perfect solution.

But rather than going to a salon or having a professional do it, the penny pincher came up with an idea – attach the strands of hair herself.

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Not only would she not have to leave the house but the DIY makeover would also save her a whopping £1,600.

Determined, Emily set off to work, attaching strips of blonde hair to her natural locks.

Once done, she took a video in front of the mirror to see what the back looked like – and it's safe to say she was mortified upon watching the clip.

''POV you thought you just saved $2000 by giving yourself hand tied hair extensions until you watched this video back,'' read the text alongside the footage.

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Not only were the extensions uneven but they were also not blended in with Emily's natural hair that was slightly longer than shoulder-length.

In fact, the new makeover was so bad, many chuckled saying she was now rocking a mullet.

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With more than a whopping 1.4million views in just one day, the fail has gone viral on TikTok and has left the users on hysterics.

''Two hairstyles for the price of one!'' joked one person.

Luckily, amongst the viewers, there were also plenty of those who wanted to help the young woman and shared their recommendations.

''add more higher up and then go to the salon to have them styled/trimmed in!! they are totally salvageable ur [you're] just not done,'' read a suggestion.

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Someone else thought: ''You will simply be wearing updos and pigtail styles only which can be cute.''

A fourth wondered: ''Please tell me you added more & then trimmed to blend. Don’t tell me you quit !''

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