I spiked my kids' drinks with VODKA – I only found out when they complimented me on how tasty it was

When you have kids, you try just about anything to get them to eat healthily, whether it’s hiding veggies in their pasta or putting a few drops of juice in their water just to get them to drink it.

So mum, Trish Nicole, was pleasantly surprised when her kids told her they were actually loving drinking the water she was giving them.

Little did she know, the reason they were enjoying it so much was because she had unwittingly laced it with booze.

Taking to TikTok, the horrified 30-year-old called herself “a bad mum” after figuring out why their drinking water tasted so sweet.

Posting a video to TikTok, Trish explained how she’d managed to spike her kids’ drinking water for two days before figuring it out.

“All of you Karens, do not come for me. Bad mum chronicles, book one, chapter one, here we go,” she started, before showing off the large Igloo jug she filled with water every day for her family.

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“See this? I fill it up every day. Ice water. Every single day."

But she said over the last few days, the flavour had changed.

“The past two days it’s been really good, it’s tasted kind of sweet,” she said.

“I thought, ‘what’s wrong with my water?’ I use a Brita filter….so why does my water taste so sweet?”

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When she couldn’t figure out what was happening, Trish washed her canteen and filled it up with ice and water again only to discover the taste was still there.

“Lo and behold, it still tastes sweet,” she explained.

“Even my kids were like ‘Mum this water tastes delicious, what’s in it?’ Hell if I know!”

Taking a closer look in her freezer, Trish suddenly realised what had happened.

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“My vodka leaking from the top into my ice tray. I’m a bad mum!” she said, head in hands.

Trish’s hilarious "mum fail" went viral with more than one million views in a matter of hours, with many other mums joking that it was a genius move – even if it was accidental.

“Maybe I’d actually drink water that way,” joked one.

“Can I fill up my water at your house? It would make work so much better,” added another.

“My ice machine isn’t broken or anything, but can I come and use yours? Ya know…to check the quality difference,” quipped another user. Thankfully Trish was able to fix the problem quickly and said she’ll be keeping the vodka all for herself in future!

This article appeared on Kidspot and was re-published with permission.

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