I spent loads on Coco-themed birthday party for my daughter – but NONE of her friends showed up

ONE of the most gut-wrenching moments as a parent has got to be when your little ones get rejected by their friends.

And one mum was left heartbroken after she threw a Coco-themed birthday party for her daughter, but no one showed up.

The mum showed off the beautiful decorations she had created for her child, including balloons and themed decorations.

On her @maria_elena_ayon, she wrote: “Coco party and no one showed up.

“Come get a food plate and candy!”

After her desperate plea online, a few people eventually showed up hours later.

She said: “I thought no one was going to show up because people started showing up 3 hours after the party started.

“Thank you to everyone who came.”

The family appeared to make the most of the day, despite the rocky start.

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The party attendees could be seen tucking into cake and enjoying the decorations.

Coco is a 2017 Disney Pixar movie inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead.

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